Kenton 10

10 Miler - 4 hours - Start Sunday 09 May 2021 at 08h00

The route for the Kenton 10 follows two beautiful river estuaries. It extends for about 1,2 kilometers along pristine beaches before meandering along rocky coastal paths and flowing sand dunes. The route then bends through rugged coastal bush as it makes its way into a small coastal forest. Forty percent of the route is comprised of a combination of gravel roads and quiet tar roads, which are interspersed with a variety of lovely footpaths and a detour through a pub, all inside Kenton-on-Sea.

The race is a three distance option (10 / 30 / 100 miles) . All the three distance options will start at different times in order to ensure that the runners finish their respective races together, as cut off times for each distance are designed to ensure that they finish at 12pm on Sunday. This also provides participants with time to travel back home on Sunday afternoon. The event is designed to showcase the natural beauty of Kenton on Sea.The aim is to attract athletes and their families who are interested in experiencing endurance events in naturally beautiful surroundings.The event will boost tourism as athletes and their families will need places to stay and eat and can enjoy Kenton on Sea.

You don't enter this for a medal, a t-shirt, etc ..... you will leave with unique experiences and memories and a "Kenton 100" collectors item ....

From an athlete’s perspective - constant support from spectators / family as the entire course is accessible to supporters.
From a supporter’s / family’s perspective – ability to be part of the entire event.
Beautiful route with c. 60% off road (Beach, river bank, pathways) and c. 40% on quiet roads with very little traffic.
Fully kitted aid station with food, drinks, and first aid.
Generous cut off time allowing all levels of runners / walkers to take part.
May is a good time of year from a weather perspective.
Moderate distance to attract every day runners and also supporters of the longer events.
Allows for the opportunity for participants to get a taste of what it is like to be part of an ultra-endurance event as they will be on the same course, possibly at the same time, as the longer distance athletes. This will allow participants to soak up the atmosphere and perhaps even assist the longer distance runners to reach the finish in their last loop.

Entry Fees

R 150-00

R 200-00 (late entries, date to be announced)



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